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SpaceX aims to crush seven records with three Falcon 9's within five hours SpaceX aims to crush seven records with three Falcon 9's within five hours

On March 30, 2024, SpaceX aims to break no fewer than seven of their own records with the back-to-back-to-back launches of Eutelsat 36D, Starlink Group 6-45 and Starlink Group 7-18.

Mar 30, 2024 2 mins

Falcon 9 lifting off from Space Launch Complex 40 for CRS-30. ©Madison Tuttle/NASA SpaceX launches its 30th cargo resupply mission

Late on the 21st of March, Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40, in Florida, carrying a Cargo Dragon V2 spacecraft into orbit where it has since begun to chase down the International Space Station. The mission is SpaceX's thirtieth overall commercial resupply mission it is

Mar 21, 2024 7 mins

Statship-Super Heavy during its third flight. ©SpaceX Starship-Super Heavy flies its third test!

SpaceX launched its Starship-Super Heavy vehicle today for its third flight test! The two vehicles used in the flight were Ship 28 and Booster 10, with both making more progress than the previous two vehicles. Liftoff occurred at 13:25 pm Univerversal Coordinated Time with all thirty-three Raptors engines firing.

Mar 14, 2024 7 mins

Ship 28 atop of Booster 10 at Starbase, Texas. ©SpaceX Starship's third flight to happen as early as Thursday!

In an update on X, formerly Twitter, SpaceX announced it was targeting no earlier than the 14th of March for the third flight of its Starship-Super Heavy vehicle. This comes almost four months after the second flight test. The vehicles that SpaceX intends to use for this flight are Ship

Mar 7, 2024 5 mins

Liftoff of Transporter-10 (left) and Crew-8 (right). ©SpaceX SpaceX breaks its launch record!

SpaceX has been keeping up its groundbreaking cadence so far this year after a record-breaking year of launches in 2023. Between the Early hours of the 4th and 5th of March, SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket three times from three different launch pads on two sides of North America.

Mar 5, 2024 4 mins

Falcon 9 lifting off from Space Launch Complex 4E for Transporter-10. ©SpaceX SpaceX launches tenth dedicated rideshare mission

SpaceX launched its twenty-first mission of the year from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Space Force Base, in California. The mission was carrying a variety of commercial payloads as part of the Transporter-10 mission. This launch is part of SpaceX's Transporter dedicated smallsat rideshare program, which aims

Mar 5, 2024 6 mins

Falcon 9 lifting off from Launch Complex 39A for the Crew-8 mission. ©Aubrey Gemignani/NASA SpaceX launches Crew-8 to the International Space Station

At 03:53 am, Universal Coordinated Time, a Falcon 9 lifted off from Launch Complex 39A with Crew Dragon Endeavor atop of it carrying four astronauts onboard for the Crew-8 mission. The four astronauts are Commander Matthew Dominick, Pilot Michael Barratt, Mission Specialist Jeanette Epps, and Mission Specialist Alexander Grebenkin.

Mar 4, 2024 5 mins

Falcon 9 for IM-1 on the launch pad with a Falcon 9 for USSF-124 taking off. ©SpaceX Intuitive Machines takes aim on the Moon!

After a delay on the 14th of February, a Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Launch Complex 39A bound for the Moon, the first since Apollo 17! The Falcon 9 was carrying Intuitive Machine's Nova-C lander for the IM-1 mission. The launch took place at 06:05 am

Feb 15, 2024 9 mins

A render of New Glenn during first-stage flight. ©Blue Origin New Glenn: Just a bigger Falcon 9?

Disclaimer: This article contains the opinion of the writer and not Cosmic Nxws as a whole. SpaceX has continually proven to be an immovable industry leader with its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles, which has been landing for over seven years. However, Blue Origin, which is backed by

Feb 12, 2024 8 mins

SpaceX sends PACE to Space
SpaceX sends PACE to Space

Early on the morning of the 8th of February, a SpaceX Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 in Cape Canaveral, located in Florida. The rocket was carrying NASA's PACE spacecraft to a sun-synchronous orbit where it will perform its study of the Earth's

Feb 8, 2024 3 mins

Axiom-3 lifting off from LC-39A atop of a Falcon 9. ©SpaceX SpaceX launches Axiom's third trip to the International Space Station

Axiom Space has begun its Axiom-3 mission bound for the International Space Station on the 18th of January at 21:49 pm Coordinated Universal Time. The mission was launched from Launch Complex 39A, at Cape Canaveral in Florida, with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Jan 19, 2024 6 mins

SpaceX's Starship-Super Heavy rocket on the launchpad. ©SpaceX Starship's third flight aims for near-orbit!

In a SpaceX 'all-hands' meeting posted to X, formerly Twitter, Elon Musk, the company's CEO and founder, announced the goals for Starship-Super Heavy's next flight! Flight three of Starship-Super Heavy is likely going to be performed with Ship 28 and Super Heavy Booster 10

Jan 13, 2024 4 mins

Falcon Heavy lifting off for USSF-52. ©SpaceX Falcon Heavy lofts US Space Force's X-37B to orbit for the first time

On the morning of the 29th of December 2023 at 01:07 am, in Greenwich Mean Time, a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket lifted off from Launch Complex 39A in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This launch was for the United States Space Force carrying the X-37B spaceplane, the first time launching on

Dec 29, 2023 4 mins