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Two taikonauts training for an extravehicular activity in a neutral bouncy pool. China completes fourth taikonaut batch selection ahead of lunar missions

The China Manned Space Agency announced on June 11th that it had completed the selection of its fourth batch of taikonauts. Applications were received from the Chinese mainland and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao. From the applications, the agency narrowed its selection down to ten taikonauts,

Jun 11, 2024 2 mins

Starliner lifting off atop of Atlas V from Space Launch Complex 41. ©Joel Kowsky/NASA Starliner carries first crew after years of delays

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft has finally carried its first crew into orbit for its first crewed flight test today. The Altas V launch vehicle carrying the spacecraft had an instantaneous launch window and lifted off at 14:52 pm Universal Coordinated Time from Space Launch Complex 41, in Florida.

Jun 5, 2024 4 mins

Recovery teams working to help the taikonauts out of their capsule. ©Xinhua Shenzhou-17 crew safely returns to Earth

China's twelfth crewed space mission has successfully returned to Earth at 09:46 am Universal Coordinated Time on April 30th, the capsule touched down at the Dongfeng landing site in the Inner Mongolia region. Returning from the Tiangong Space Station were, Tang Hongbo (汤洪波), Tang Shengjie (唐胜杰), and

Apr 30, 2024 2 mins

The Long March 2F/G lifting off with the Shenzhou-18 spacecraft. Shenzhou-18 taikonauts board China's space station!

China has launched its seventh crewed mission to its Tiangong Space Station on the 25th of April at 20:59 pm China Standard Time, or 12:59 pm Universal Coordinated Time. The crew, Ye Guangfu, Li Cong, and Li Guangsu, are expected to stay aboard the station for six months.

Apr 25, 2024 8 mins

A Soyuz 2.1a lifting off from its launchpad for MS-25. ©NASA/Bill Ingalls Crew and Cargo arrive at the International Space Station

Over the weekend, two vehicles from two different sides of the world arrived at the International Space Station. The first to arrive was a SpaceX Cargo Dragon V2 with the second, following by a few days, being Soyuz MS-25 carrying three astronauts. After spending almost two days catching up to

Mar 25, 2024 4 mins

Falcon 9 lifting off from Launch Complex 39A for the Crew-8 mission. ©Aubrey Gemignani/NASA SpaceX launches Crew-8 to the International Space Station

At 03:53 am, Universal Coordinated Time, a Falcon 9 lifted off from Launch Complex 39A with Crew Dragon Endeavor atop of it carrying four astronauts onboard for the Crew-8 mission. The four astronauts are Commander Matthew Dominick, Pilot Michael Barratt, Mission Specialist Jeanette Epps, and Mission Specialist Alexander Grebenkin.

Mar 4, 2024 5 mins

The Crew Dragon capsule for the Axiom-3 mission floating in the ocean. ©SpaceX Axiom-3 crew returns to Earth!

Axiom Space's third commercial mission to the International Space Station has returned to Earth on the 9th of February. The mission launched back on the 18th of January from Launch Complex 39A, at Cape Canaveral in Florida, with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Crew Dragon

Feb 9, 2024 3 mins

Axiom-3 lifting off from LC-39A atop of a Falcon 9. ©SpaceX SpaceX launches Axiom's third trip to the International Space Station

Axiom Space has begun its Axiom-3 mission bound for the International Space Station on the 18th of January at 21:49 pm Coordinated Universal Time. The mission was launched from Launch Complex 39A, at Cape Canaveral in Florida, with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Jan 19, 2024 6 mins

Jasmin Moghbeli (left) and Loral O'Hara (right) testing their spacesuits. NASA completes its fourth all-female EVA

Recently astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O'Hara completed NASA's fourth all-female spacewalk aboard the International Space Station. Jasmin Moghbeli wore the spacesuit with red stripes for the spacewalk with Loral O'Hara wearing the unmarked spacesuit. Both astronauts spent six hours and forty-two minutes outside

Nov 3, 2023 2 mins

The return capsule of the Shenzhou 16 spacecraft in the Dongfeng landing site in north China. Shenzhou 16 crew returns to Earth

After spending one-hundred and fifty-four days in space aboard China's Tiangong space station, the crew of Shenzhou 16 have safely returned to Earth. The Shenzhou 16 spacecraft performed a braking burn at 7:21 a.m. (Beijing time) am and the capsule touched down at 8:11 a.

Oct 31, 2023 2 mins

Long March 2F during first stage flight for Shenzhou 17. Shenzhou 17 crew boards China's space station

A Long March 2F rocket lifted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 03:14 UTC carrying the Shenzhou 17 spacecraft and its crew of three to the Tiangong space station in low Earth orbit. The Shenzhou 17 spacecraft docked at the forward port of the Tianhe module at 09:

Oct 26, 2023 2 mins

A Long March 2F rocket carrying Shenzhou-11 lifting off in October 2016. Celebrating 20 years of Chinese Human Spaceflight

On the 15th of October 2003, The People's Republic of China became the third country to successfully launch a person into Earth orbit using its own spacecraft and launch vehicles. The taikonaut, what China calls its astronauts, onboard the spacecraft for this mission was Yang Liwei, becoming the

Oct 17, 2023 3 mins

Frank Rubio after exiting the Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft. Frank Rubio sets American space record!

NASA astronaut Francisco Carlos "Frank" Rubio returned to Earth recently on the 27th of September aboard the Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft after spending 371 days in space, or 5,936 orbits of the Earth, concluding his first trip to space. Frank Rubio now holds the American record for the

Oct 1, 2023 2 mins