European Space Agency

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A Long March 2C lifting off from Xichang Satellite Launch Center. ©Zhang Jing/Xinhua China launches Einstein Probe into orbit!

On the 9th of January at 15:03 pm, Beijing Time, a Long March 2C lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center carrying the Einstein Probe to a 600-kilometer low Earth orbit. The Einstein Probe is believed to weigh 1,450 kilograms and be roughly the size of an

Jan 9, 2024 3 mins

Orbex Prime during its reveal. ©Orbex UK launch company awarded £3.3 Million from UK Space Agency and ESA

On the 13th of December, the UK-based space launch service company Orbex announced it had received 3.3 million Pound sterling, which is roughly equivalent to 4.165 million United States Dollars as of writing, from the UK Space Agency under the European Space Agency's 'Boost!'

Dec 14, 2023 3 mins